Monday, April 21, 2014

We were 'crusin

I have the best husband ever.  I really do.  But I have joked before that I married him for his family. :).  After this last vacation we had, I remembered why.  We went on a cruise to the Easter Caribbean with his entire extended family. Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles, Parents, Siblings, and Cousins.  We had an absolute blast.  It was honestly one of the best vacations I have had with Ernie.  (I went through major post-vacation depression for about a week in a half after we got back!)

Our first stop was the Bahamas.  We went on a glass bottom boat in the morning, which was so fun because we were able to learn to identify all the fish for when we were snorkeling later! 

The next night we got all fancy for our first formal night (but I am pretty sure I totally forgot to get any pictures of the second formal night.  Oh well, at least I got these!)

His amazing grandparents. 

 Ernie and his cousin Nate 
They adore this picture and begged us to take one of the two of them

Ernie's youngest cousin dancing away..... she is so darling!

Ernie's mom, Aunt, and Grandparents

Ernie's cousins Tara and Ben and Nate and Mindi.  We just love them!
When we were on St. Thomas, we got to go zip lining through the jungle with Ernie's sister Karli and her husband Abi.  It was one of the highlights of the trip for us.  It was SO much fun!

Heading up the mountain 

Could this be a more picturesque setting?  

Seriously, one of the most breathtaking scenes I have ever gotten to see.  Just beautiful! And that Island in the very back is for sale.  It is only $40 million.  We are saving......


Ernie's little friend.  Our guide was seriously terrified of this little friend climbing right next to us!

We love St. Thomas.  After our zip line adventure and went and found our favorite little Italian place that we ate at a few years ago.  It is the most darling little place and we just love it.  

Isn't this street just adorable?  

Ernie and Karli hanging out on the back of the ship. 

Amanda and Amber- on Amanda's birthday!- playing rook one night.

Ernie's parents 

Amber and I on a rook night

In St Martin, we went on Rhino boats through the ocean to a private beach. with Karli and Abi again.   I LOVED it!  I wish I had gotten pictures.   But it was beautiful and we had a blast! We snorkeled and the water was perfect.  My only complaint is that we weren't there long enough!
Afterwords, Ernie and I walked into the town and did some shopping and went to the beach.
Oh, just typing makes me wish we could be back in the warm sun with the live music being played as we walked along the beach. 

One night they sang to everyone that had birthdays in March at dinner.

Dinner was one of our favorite times.  Everyone in the family is there and we get to sit with different people every night and catch up with them. Some we don't see a ton of other than the cruise every other year, so it really is a blast to talk to everyone. 

We stayed up most nights until REALLY late hanging out with his cousins.  (and eat melon and cottage cheese.  Yes, I still miss the melon every night!) I didn't get a ton of pictures.  But I did get some on the last night (Well, Mindi did and I stole them from her- thanks Mindi!)

Somehow, because I am the best Sis in Law ever :), I was talked into singing karaoke.  They were darling.  I was horrible!

I sure do love this guy.....

We had an amazing time.  One to remember for sure.  I am grateful that I got to come home to these little guys:

It made it not quite as depressing to not have Romeo to be at our beck and call and make my bed every day.  They are one responsibility that I was grateful to have back.  The rest.....Well they aren't SO bad, a cruise is just way more fun :). 


While we were on our cruise, we decided to fly Nat down from Idaho to help out (which the boys were thrilled about because they love her and adore their cousin Emerson).
Nat was a super woman and got to all the football games, scout camp, birthday party and was able to get us to the airport.  All on Saturday.  (And we even let them skip a few activities that day.  Oh what joy the weekends are.)

 Then we decided to get really crazy, and plan a trip to Disneyland for them! (I think guilt may have been setting in for going on another cruise without them :)  Luckily, I have the best parents ever who were able to take them.  Here are a few of the pictures from their trip.

First Nat made it to church on time with all three boys.  With luggage packed and ready at home to leave after church.  I was quite impressed. 

Then my mom came over and met them at my house and they were on their way.

They had an AMAZING time!  They didn't even miss us.  Serisouly.  

They had an amazing time.  Thanks to my sister Nat and my awesome parents, they had a perfect week.  Ernie missed us.  And Caleb informed me that although he didn't really miss us, he was glad we were home :).  
At least he was glad I came back, right?